Welcome to Durango’s Canyon RV Park and Event Center

Welcome to Durango’s Canyon

A beautiful day at the Crater!


Centrally located in East Texas, Durango’s Canyon

provides a great place for vacations and extended stays.

We’re out in the country where the skies have stars and the air is fresh.


Amenities such as full RV hookups, Cabin & Party House rentals,

Camping, Golf Cart & ATV Trails, Fish Ponds,

Swimming Hole, and outdoor Events in the Crater Amphitheater

make Durango’s Canyon your choice for a great getaway location.

What’s the story on The Crater?

No one is certain. There is the legend that thousands

of years ago a huge meteorite fell to earth and left

this natural crater. One can find some interesting

boulders which could possibly be meteorite debris.

Then there are the stories that The Crater was

formed by the Caddo Indians for their use.

Arrowheads and Indian artifacts have pushed their way above the ground.

Whatever the truth, today The Crater is the home for

Rockin’ Concerts of all venues, Motorcycle Rally,

Bar-B-Que Cook-Offs as well as Camping under the stars.

Browse around our site and find the fun and adventure

that awaits you on the 120 acres of nature and beautiful

sky surrounding The Crater at Durango’s Canyon in East Texas.


Durango’s Canyon Campgrounds have full-service RV hookups,
and shaded Rustic Camping with daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Cabins & Party Houses

Our rental Cabins and Party Houses all have viewing decks
for ultimate Concerts at the Crater Amphitheatre.
From the quaint Redwood Cabin to the awesome Durango House,
we can accommodate group sizes from Intimate to Epic.


The Crater Clubhouse

Clubhouse, sits on the rim of the Crater Amphitheater

overlooking the stage at Durango’s Canyon.

for Special Occasions, Private Parties, Meetings and more.



Contact us for information on how you can rent

The Crater Clubhouse for your next private party!

(903) 898-2772.

Venue Rental

We host regularly scheduled events and concerts
in the Crater Amphitheater during warm months.
Our venue is also available to rent, for more

information on how you can rent for your next party

or event, or for pricing, 

contact us @ 903-898-2772


1039 FM 1798 W  ♦  Mount Enterprise, TX 75681  ♦  Main Office (903) 898-2772


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